Stop Listening to Your Customers

A talk by @boltron and @trammell which SXSW gave the hashtag #StopLing.


and you can listen to the audio here!


There were 484 tweets in 60 minutes. Here are a few:

Thank you for the best talk at SXSWi by far. You guys are awesome.
By @BehaviorInc 10:30am

One of the best #SXSWi sessions ever.
By @yoblake 10am

@boltron and @trammell are killing it this morning. In summary, Watch people use stuff.
By @timmayd 9:40am

Really loving this talk.
By @ShaneAdams 9:45am


Write Ups

Greatly appreciate the folks that took time to write things down during the talk. Craig Tomlin did this detailed live blog and Aperio Insights had a thoughtful summary here. Debroah Sengupta also has a nice short summary on Austin360. The whole idea for the talk came from an article Nate co-wrote on VentureBeat in 2010.


Nate Bolt (boltron) is the author of Remote Research. Mark Trammell (trammell) is a classically trained Opera singer. Together, they believe in imaginative research and both were photographed below by Ryan Schude & Lauren Lemon, at the incredible Phoot Camp.

Really Detailed Information

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